Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Preserved Lemons

I'm pretty certain that by the time my lamb leg turns to prosciutto my preserved lemons will also be ready for a dish I created for my upcoming summer menu.  Lamb leg prosciutto with a corned lamb leg, tongue, cream cheese ragout and figs garnished with preserved lemon rind.
The lemons are easy and you can used them to mince and add to softened butter to spread on fish, apply them to grilled veggies, add to yogurt for roasted lamb leg, puree, the list goes on...
3 lemons quartered, lengthwise
250g sugar, about 12 oz.
250g kosher salt, about 12 oz.
Mix sugar and salt together, coat lemons, pack into baggie that is air tight or if you have a vacuum sealer-seal it.  Then freeze.  In three months rinse and you're ready.  Do this now and have it ready for grilling season.

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