Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter into Spring

Clear gazpacho with cucumber balls aka "pearls"  aka bubble tea... kind of... With hibicus and avocado smeared up the side.  A fun way to begin.  Loud, slurpy, yummy.
This one is all about Spring and sustainability.  I grew the majority of it from the sprouts which make up the sponge salad to the garnishes over the top.  The entire dish is sunflower sprout and arugula sponge, lemon gel, goat milk sorbet, sunflower seed sorbet, marigolds, sunflower sprouts, pea sprouts, sunflower seeds and honey. 
I know most of you who read my blog or see my posts on facebook or twitter have seen some pics that are reminiscent of this one but again this is just another variation of avocado, raw fish, and sushi elements, it's lots of fun and a more "familiar" dish.
This one was created by first making an oatmeal consomme then I worked backwards, I added apples in batons and in salad form-shaved with almonds and white chocolate.  There is also an almond pudding and puree along with dried cherry and a cherry foam, savory glass and veal sweetbreads that are encrusted in pumpernickel.
I liked some of the elements I had on the dish that this one replaced like the white truffle marshmallow and the red wine and beef reduction but instead of short rib I wanted to move into a meat that felt lighter and I thought grilled bison would do the trick.  In this pic it's with blood farro and blackberry beads.

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