Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love It. Change It. Keep It. Rearrange It.

The same soy, brown sugar and lemongrass cured pork belly which just looks different than perhaps another picture you might have seen in an earlier post.  I didn't like the smallish cube cut so I decided to roll it nice and tight.  I also rolled the kombu-the true umami of the dish, rather than the spaghetti like strands I had cut in the beginning.  Whoa and with the skin cracklin really added great texture.  I also added a watermelon and miso emulsion to the dish which is dotted there in the background.  But I will be changing this dish for this upcoming weekend because I have a guest who has just had it coming again.  I change my menus so often and quite completely because so many of my guests are return diners and I like to keep them surprised.  I also have so many ideas I like to try and bring them to fruition and push myself to see what I can and can't accomplish cooking modern from home .  This dish will be replaced by brown spice cured veal sweetbreads with a pumpernickel breading, apple batons, oatmeal consomme, whipped cherries surrounding almond milk, pureed almonds, shaved white chocolate, cherry reduction and savory glass.  Now if I can get just the right plates I'll be all set.
Carrot cake gobstopper soon to be changed into a rhubarb, strawberry and pie crust gobstopper.  Holy moly this one is a tasty treat.  I always make extra so that after my guests have theirs, my staff and I can have ours.  Hello belly!  People don't believe I eat as much as I do.  Luckily I'm active and have a good metabolism.  But it's catching up.  Mental note-yoga.
And this dish again, which I'm just loving.  It shall be a menu staple for awhile.    It's really a great dish and a real show stopper, an excellent end for the evening.  One of my dishes that I've been able to get as close to it's original aesthetic conception, very proud to get there when I do considering my itsy bitsy tini wini kitchen.
Damn, this is a crappy shot of a cool dish.  I will eventually tackle food photography but until then this dish was a gem however I will change it a touch for the next round of dinners I have this upcoming weekend.  The prefix to this course is a king crab wrapped in mango which is hanging in a globe.  I've heard from the dining room, "why is that hanging," "that's strange," "that's so cool," "wow, pretty."  I think those are all great responses.

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