Monday, March 7, 2011

Salmon Belly.

Wind blown Oak trees with salmon ;) by the beach.
Last night I had friends over for a sushi party.  It was so fun.  We had an array of ingredients to use.  I think we made at least ten different rolls.  The one I was most excited about was pulled short rib that I braised in beef stock infused with soy.  Yum Yum Yum.  And I rolled it with aparagus, pretty typical but added fresh radish and my own radish sprouts.  Today I was prepping the mushroom tea for my underground dinners and had some nice maitake mushrooms that I sliced in cross sections which gives this beautiful shape just like the Oak tree where you can usually find it nestled.  I seared the cross sections with grapeseed oil and a touch of tamari.  I draped cucumber dressed in sesame oil and rice wine vinegar over them.  I also cut the tiny kernels from baby corn an dressed them a touch with sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, and pepper.  I added a mini quenelle of miso to the salmon, crisped up some skin in the pan that I had cooked the mushrooms in and added a touch of fermented beans to the plate.  The beans were a gift from one of my friends who got them at the Korean Mart.  She was very excited for us to try them.  It wasn't bad. I really like them with this dish.


  1. The mushrooms oak tree shaped cross section paralleling the oak tree surely exemplifies the fractal nature of the universe.

  2. Right on, and just like morels mimic the bark of the Elm. Fungu runs deep and holds all the traces of the land for certain, those beautiful fruiting bodies we love to eat are the pretty little replicas of everything they devour.