Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovely Day

This dish I made for The Windy City Times
Tribute to Bill Withers...Maybe that day he sang about was like the one I had today.  Do you ever just have those days which make everything worth while and it's not because you gained something, it's just because there was a serenity in all of it?  It's not often I have the serenity because my head is always going going going and jumping to the next thing on my list.  I didn't gain anything, I was just able to be in each moment of today.  Whoa, scary sometimes.  I often get glimpses throughout the day that give me serenity like when I told the story about Lucy In The Sky With Leopard Tights and One Shoe, but it started with dropping off a donation to Music of The Baroque where they will be offering two seats to my table in their opening season Gala, followed by a long walk downtown then the red line stop where a street band was having their way with the tunnel.  Amazing I might add.  Lunch with my partner at Goose Island, which has real tasty bar food.  Some Spring cleaning and a chat with my mother about our upcoming vegan dinner on April 12th-by the way the menu is planned and it is awesome.  That was it really.  And then there are days where by the end of the day I feel a hadn't done enough and a day like today probably would've been one of those because I didn't spend anytime in the kitchen but I didn't worry about it.
This week has been interesting.  I've had several interviews and promotional opportunities.  Windy City Times came over and is doing a piece called, A Gay In The Life, rock on.  The Tribune called today to see what I had to say about strangers dining together.  I said they're nuts and I wouldn't do it.  No, actually, I said it's a study in socialization.  I can see the anxiety on some people's faces when they walk in thinking, what did I get myself into but once the social lubrication slides into the blood stream it's all family, essentially.  I don't think that's what I said but it was something like that.  I told them I was amazed by the graciousness of my guests and that essentially people are lovely whether they are discussing the birthing process or how they wash their dogs, all of which I've heard.  And I have a photo shoot with another publication on Monday and it's always interesting to me to see how it all works.  I love press and social media.  I guess the closest I've ever got to advertising has been working with promotional companies and/or making donations such as the one I made to Music of the Baroque and The Wonka Ball which is for About Face Theatre.  Blogging, twitter, and facebook have all been really resourceful tools for me to connect to the community that likes what I do.
These guys are awesome.  If you see them stop and give them money.  Give them something cause they rock!
Wow, so I've just went on and on about stuff...  I'm a bit tired.  Cleaning blinds will do that to you.  Off to bed.

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