Friday, February 4, 2011

Lucy In The Sky With Leopard Tights and One Shoe.

The cutest little red head who's mother said something like, "We were going to go to whole foods then I told Lucy One Sister is going to have her pierogi at Green Grocer, so she wanted to come here."  Freaking awesome.  It's things like that, people like that, which make all the pierogi pinching and arduous hours make sense.  Not sure if they know, or if they ever read this, but that made my day!


  1. Reminds me of the first time I encountered an ice cream truck. I wasn’t sure what was making all the carnival racket coming down the street, (it was on Fortune Avenue in Cleveland) all I knew was it made all the kids around me panic and scream ICE CREAM (which having been to the circus, I assumed was code for clowns are going to attack us)! The kids bolted for the house, I followed wondering what was going on… and why the hell everyone was screaming (at four years old, there’s a good chance I was crying in terror). No sooner did I get on the porch of the house and everyone was running past me again, but this time toward the crazy music coming from down the street? I could only assume they had armed themselves… and were prepared to do battle with the noisy band of clowns, which were getting louder and closer. By the time I realized what was going on, I was an exhausted mess. I was an exhausted mess, but I was now holding a Popsicle… and hoping I would see that truck again! It’s guaranteed that children will let you know they like what you’ve made. Children never hold back about their likes and dislikes, a gift of youth that transcends tidy politeness. For Children to go out of their way to partake in what you’ve made isn’t just validation, but a gift you will both remember (and even though I still suffer panic attacks when I hear calliope music I always dig in my pocket for change). ~Johnny

  2. Nice! Your comment is a great addition to this post. I didn't grow up on a street where we could run out to the ice cream truck but stood way up on the porch and waved dollar bills, he knew where to stop. I loved orange push up pops. He'd make the trek up the long gravel drive. It was a delight. Sticky knuckles.