Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Hunt or Not To Hunt

The daffodils begin to peek through the frozen soil, suddenly robins are spotted (only to get shat upon), and for me that means morels are right around the corner.  For some people that means shootin wild turkeys.  The only thing I ever thought about wild turkey was drinking it and feeling not so good but now I'm thinking about killing them.  The only shooting I've done before is beer bottles on my grandparents farm.  I've never been so sure that I could kill an animal, however with eating them so much, and loving to be resourceful with all my foraging and the tough economic times it's starting to make more sense to me.  So this Spring I will be hunting.  Maybe when I get there I will not do it and instead search wildly for morels (cause they love those game preserves).  Or maybe I'll shoot a turkey, cry a little and behind those tears a wild madness will emerge and I'll become a cold blooded hunter.  Either way I'd like to make some pastrami/corned wild turkey leg sandwiches with cream cheese on homemade sage and brown butter bread.  I will certainly keep you posted.  I'd love a deer but my God they are so beautiful and big, not that turkeys are not beautiful in their own way... Oh well, you know what I mean.  This will be tough.

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