Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What a lovely color to drink on such a white cold winter day.  This is it people, I'm convinced, an elixir of life other than that lovely shittake.  Ok so, while in Key West I stayed with my partner's aunt's friends on a boat.  They sell vitamix blenders.  A blender I have wanted for so long but cannot afford to have (my aunt just lent me hers because she only used it to grind coffee). Whoa.  Well this gentleman who was the boat's captain, his name is Mike, was telling us of how he got into the business of vitamix and all the wonderful things it does to fruits and vegetables, pulverizing their cell walls to release something like 90% more nutritional value that usual.  I would have just smiled and nodded as I do when people give me stats, considering possibilities, however, he sold me when he said he was sixty, his hair was coming back, his eyebrows turned from gray back to black, he lost twenty pounds and went from his trifocals to CVS reading glasses.  From that day on I have supplemented one of my meals with one of these lovely green drinks and since all other vices have flown except for coffee I think I will live to 1,000.
The elixir, even if you don't have a vitamix or vitaprep you can use your blender.
10 green grapes, frozen
1 inch slice of pineapple, outside removed, core intact
1/8 cantaloupe, seeded, skinned
4 big leaves of kale
dime size bundle of cilantro
1/4 lime, intact, skin, pith, all
1/2 orange, peeled
6 frozen peach slices
1 whole green apple, seeds, skin, all
5 baby carrots
Enough water, orange juice or other tasty juice (pineapple, coconut water) to cover the blade.  Blend the hell out of this and prepare to be healthy!

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