Monday, February 7, 2011

Earth Is The Title

Beets, Chocolate, Dandelion
Whenever I first conceptualize a dish I don't often get to bring it to completion the first couple times I make it due to putting together such extensive menus alone and serving each dish only 4-6 times a month.  Lately I've been pushing, even with my limited space to bring my dishes closer to the originals.  However I do get to make them delicious even if they are not always as originally intended and it seems that the first night I put out this dish my customers gobbled it up.  It was a traditional egg custard infused with dandelion, a chocolate sauce, beets cooked sous vide, a chocolate molasses cake crumble, and a beet and red wine vinegar gastrique.  The original concept looks more like this dish pictured here but is still missing elements. It was originally to be served to each guest on a large, somewhat flat stone, there was to be the addition of tufts of cotton candy adorned with flowers and baby beet leaves and the beet itself was to be a collection of multi-colored baby beets.  Since I buy from local farms or whole foods I don't always get the product I originally intend for so I have to go with the flow.  And I honestly couldn't afford stones at this time but I do what I can.  This dish is a beet-sous vide, cylinders of chocolate cream topped with vanilla salt, a beet and red wine vinegar gastrique, a cocoa, cashew, butter, and sugar crumble "soil," a dandelion sorbet and candied beet slices.  I had some excellent guest over this weekend.  I actually always have wonderful guests and the compliments just flowed in.  It felt really really nice.

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