Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snail Roe, Clear Oatmeal And Gazpacho, And Morels!

Snail eggs tastes like dirt.  So cool.  I had them about a year ago when I was staging in the kitchen at Schwa. Michael laughed and bellied over to me with his wild eyes and said, "you wanna taste a dirt alginate ball?"  Of course I did.  And that was it, snail roe.  
Anyways.  I love clarification.  I don't have a centrifuge and it seems like the cool kids do: Alinea (I think), Moto-for sure, L20-probably, Ideas in Food-yeah, Wd-50, Modern Cuisine-absolutely.  So I have to make a consomme or "dashi," a Japanese term for a certain broth, the old fashioned way-gelatin clarification.  Today I made two-a gazpacho that is fucking delicious and an oatmeal.  Whoa!
Hi sweet babies, mama loves you!
Ok so in other news.  I can't wait for morels.  I really can't.  Headed down south soon.  Just you wait.  You will love the dishes I make with these.  

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