Friday, December 24, 2010

San Soo Gab San

Ever wonder where to find late night eats that's not a taqueria?  The tiny strip mall just North of Foster on Western set behind a small parking lot is easy to miss but you'll know your close when you smell the smoky essence of Korean short ribs and kimchee spice.  Yum.  The exact address is 5247 N. Western.  It may be a hike for some but is well worth it at two or four in the morning when the bars are closed.  You won't be in and out so don't attempt this sloppy drunk because you'll be playing with fire, literally.  A wall of grill smoke will likely hit you as you walk in followed by the chatter of Korean dialects mixed with English and the clanking of tiny plates frisbeed onto the tables by the adorable Korean waitstaff who is not so friendly.  But these tiny plates are some of the most exciting elements of the meal: pickled cucumbers, carrots, diakon radish, fermented-spicy cabbage aka kimchi/kimchee, marinated fish cakes, bean sprouts, spinach and seaweeds, even potato salad, the list goes on...  In order to cook from the grill at your table you have to order two items from the barbecue.  I love the marinated Korean beef short rib, kalbi kui, and the baby octopus.  This octopus is not first cooked in sous vide so expect it to be a little rubbery but the flavor is delish.  The pajun appetizer full of seafood and green onions is my favorite!  A group of four can easily snack on one appetizer and two items from the Barbecue menu and leave stuffed to the brim.  This place is open till the wee hours of the morning so if you are looking for post-bar or even just something to fill your tummy after a late shift this is the place.  I have made a ritual of taking my partner and my niece on Saturdays after my dinners.  It's my treat to them and even my picky partner likes it.  I think you'll be happy too.  I LOVE KOREAN FOOD!

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