Friday, December 24, 2010

Into The Woods.

I'm feeling disconnect and when I feel disconnect my only answer is to head to the woods.  It usually means I haven't put something in my belly for awhile that hasn't been harvested with my hands.  So it's been so cold you might wonder what I could find.  Well, I'm not sure if I'll find them but I'm looking for black trumpets, elderberries (of which it might be too late for both), dandelion greens-I'll get plenty and last but not least PERSIMMON.  Persimmon ripens after the first few days of frost and is absolutely abundant in our lovely Midwest but rather than looking down I'll be looking up for them, perfect orange globes like Christmas ornaments from the bare trees.  One Sister's Winter Menu is calling for a persimmon cake crumble, persimmon cake puree and curried persimmon marmalade.  So much persimmon but its so so so good.  Hopefully this will put me back in connect.  Must have been all that turkey.

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