Friday, December 24, 2010

Living A Dream

Cleetus Friedman of City Provisions Delicatessen (and enterprise) is certainly living his dream and one of mine.  I have a lot of dreams.  One Sister having four restaurant walls is certainly the top priority but if I was to have a delicatessen it would be just like his.  It's a beautiful little number.  He has all the top local players and just about everything about it is sustainable.  I love that you can buy beautiful milky white rendered bacon fat in Ball mason jars.  House cured and seasoned fatback, head cheese mixed with butternut squash and pine nuts, Gunthrop Farms duck prosciutto, and Deitzler Farms prime cuts (oo oo oo and my pierogi).
Cleetus found me at the Andersonville Farmers' Market and asked to put my pierogi on the shelf.  Of course, I had to say yes and they just recently made their appearance.  What a generous and cool guy to be supplying. 
In addition to all the nice homemade specialties and lunch meats (the roast beef in the deli case is juicy as hell and is amazing, you don't even need sauce for a sani with that) there are salads and mac and cheese squares.  I bought two of the squares today, heated them in the oven and finished them with a dash of truffle oil, mm mmm good.  You can go here for lunch or dinner, just get coffee or a pastry or do some specialty shopping for a house warming or holiday party.  Create your own charcuterie, cheese or snack plates, pick out artisanal wines, beers, or liquors and really impress your guests.  Going to City Provisions is more that just a visit to the local grocer, it's an outing-a feast for the eyes and tummy and something that will lessen the weight of your carbon footprint.

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