Friday, December 24, 2010

Kilgus! The Best Milk.

Soft, silky, and wah wah-gelatinous is typically a panna cotta, at least to me.  Panna cotta the eggless Italian custard has never been a favorite of mine so if I'm dedicating a blog to it that's huge.  The best panna cotta I've had is served at Anteprima.  Again kudos to the chef, same chef as Acre.  Anteprima was mentioned in the Michelin Bib Gourmand List as one of the great places for a meal under $40. 
I was just there a couple nights ago and I ran into the same thing as I ran into at Acre, a little over salted here and there but still palatable.  Dessert was immaculate.  I could not figure out how the panna cotta was so creamy.  First I thought all cream, no milk.  Then I thought reduced cream.  Then I thought maybe mascarpone added.  I asked.  I was told it is a local milk purveyor.  I asked who.  She wasn't sure.  When our waitress left the table I said to my dining partner, I bet it's Kilgus.  She came back and said, "Kilgus, they have a nice non-homogenized milk."  I have to figure out the chef's recipe so for me it's back to the drawing board.  I've recently had a celery panna cotta on my menu and a walnut panna cotta.  The walnut panna cotta was creamier than the celery due to the walnuts but both were a little more gelatinous than I'd like.  I use carrageenan to set my panna cotta and not as much sugar as is tradition but I'll be experimenting in traditions in a couple weeks and let you know.  Here is the link to Kilgus' website find them, taste them, love them.

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