Friday, April 8, 2011

When Hunting For Morels...

It's hard not to only be searching for this lovely wicked creature.  Keep your eyes open.  There are ramps, nettles, fiddleheads, dandelions, pheasant back mushrooms and plenty more goodies to get your nature loving hands on.  Keep in mind not to look too soon.  Soil conditions should be well into the high fifties regardless of a nice day or two.  They are tricky little suckers never showing up it seems in the same place. Look for damaged woods where poplars, elms, and ash trees are plenty.  After this weekend when the weather conditions are well into the high sixties and seventies, nice and rainy, head down south towards St.  Louis.  You're sure to find them in the woods-Jackson and Union Counties.  If you can't go that far wait till it gets a bit closer to the end of April and head over to Putnam and Shelby Counties and if you really want to check out something fun, take a look at this event.  Enjoy the beautiful Illinois woods.

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