Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dried Mushrooms.

some beauties!
As most of you know, I'm in love with mushrooms.  I love love love foraging for them and even if I find nothing, which often happens, I still love hearing the forest, the dried leaves and sounds beneath my feet and all around me.  However when I do find mushrooms, loads of them, I resort to my dehydrator or air dry them-it depends.  But here are some great ways to put them to use once they are dried.  Rehydrate them-about 4 oz. mushroom to two cups of hot water.  Allow to steep until mushrooms are plump, strain, saving that precious liquid which you can add to stock or reduce and season to make a wonderful gravy, drink as tea, etc. Another use is to pulverize them in a spice grinder, sift them and add to cookie batter, pasta dough, bread dough, whatever you can think of really...butter.  Another use is the hydrated mushroom itself which is a great addition to pizza, risotto, again the list goes on, so if you get a lot when foraging or even come across dried mushrooms at the store, don't be shy.

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