Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Yummies!

What I was really doing here was practicing my scrambled egg cannoli for my Spring menu.  Excellent spring asparagus from my garden in Indiana is going to be a major component.  The dish is likely to be much more elaborate come dinner time but for the meantime this is scrambled egg cannoli around asparagus with shaved asparagus, asparagus coulis, sprouts, and a toasted yeast and butter sorbet.
It only took two of these babies from my garden to make the lovely picture above.
Last night craving-clams.  Went to whole foods and picked up ten of these puppies.  In a pan I sauteed garlic and onions, added a splash of chenin blanc, thin sliced purple potatoes, carrots, thyme, oregano, basil, lemon juice and about 1 cup of shellfish stock, cooked for ten minutes, added the clams and broccolini and allowed it to steam until the clams popped.  Hot dog!  Satisfaction.
Mushroom caps baked with Bragg's Aminos.  So good.  This adds the perfect amount of seasoning if you are looking for a healthy kick.  We used this for the vegan dinner to add to the mushroom gravy.  So delicious.

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