Monday, April 11, 2011

Well Rounded

So many times I've encountered savory chefs that do not do sweets or sweets that don't do savory, on and on.  Being one who thinks more about savory has had to really focus and teach myself how to do sweets, bake, the works.  My menus combine sweet and savory in almost every course and roller coasters from one side to the other throughout.  But even settting those parameters aside there is a whole other world between working with meat as opposed to meat/animal/face-free cooking.  Tomorrow I am using my One Sister umbrella to host a dinner for vegans using my mother's plant strong vegan preparations, which is for her an essentially fat-free cooking style (I did get to add fat into some of the preparation but very little).
I can remember several years back when I retreated to the kitchens full-time, my mother telling me to be more neat and clean when cooking.  I definitely didn't learn my militant organization from my stints at any of those fine places where I've worked either front or back of the house-it was solely from my mother, Sandra Regan who was a chef herself when I was in the womb.  These days I rarely get a speck of flour on the floor and today I had to clean up after her.  I hope she's reading this ;).  But wow, what a way to force myself to become more well-rounded.  I used miso, nutritional yeast, almond milk, tomatoes, tumeric, paprika, garlic powder and several other ingredients to make a cheese sauce.  We will serve seven courses tomorrow.  One thing I could not keep my hands off of was the mushroom caps we doused with Braggs Liquid Aminos and then roasted in the oven to complete a mushroom gravy.  I'm so impressed with the improvisation and glad to gain the experience and broaden my knowledge.  It ensures my abilities to be able to cook for anyone.

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