Thursday, January 6, 2011


Elotes are possibly the best way to have corn.  In the later months of summer, when corn is sweet and fragrant, I make elotes stuffed pierogi.  I've had them traditionally-on the cob, my favorite way-esquites, done up all fancy-as a soup at Schwa and my own version at One Sister Underground with chili mayo, lime gel, dehydrated cojita cheese and sweet corn sorbet.  It seems that when it's served right from the cart on the streets of Chicago, it's the best.  I've got a hunch it's that lovely squeezable butter that does the trick. Last place I had them, the corner of Ainsle and Clark I was wondering where the lovely citrus flavor came from considering there was not a fresh lime in sight.  I had a hunch considering I couldn't say with absolute certainty that it was lime, that perhaps there was some citric acid hiding in the chili/cayenne mixture sprinkled on the top.  I can't say for sure.  Maybe the lime was added to the butter squeezed on top.  Who knows but I know this is all you need to make them delicious from home.
Corn-grilled, cut from cob or on, you can also boil
cojita anejo cheese
lime juice
touch of chili powder
touch of cayenne powder
yummy yummy yummy
Mix these ingredients together, adding more or less of what you like and serve.  You'll make anyone happy.

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  1. Yum- this reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in in Waukegan! Us kids always seemed to have elotes. Usually on the cob, but sometimes in a cup... I might have the answer to the limey mystery: Hellmann's Mayonesa con Jugo de Limón! I'm intrigued to try elotes pierogis!