Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Note of Gratitude

My best friend Daaimah and her emails, addressed to whomever on her list will read them, highlighting clips of her life that resonate gratitude.  I will do the same.

Today when I drove my niece somewhere and she thought I was checking out a girl but I was looking at a fallen tree, scanning it for edible mushrooms.

That this Joni Mitchell and this Van Morrison tune bring me to not just tears but the act of weeping.

I'm weird enough to say these things about myself.

My mutual friends and friends.

Elizabeth Ann Regan.  Bunny is what we called her.

Elizabeth Restaurant.

Mike Meier and Jen Laaback and Robert Herbster who make up my team of investors and business partners.  They see me and accept my vision.

All the people who put in time and effort.  Neelu McGibbon, design.  Joseph Novelli, construction.  Sean Kaplan, PR.  Code, logo.

My family.  Always my family.

Nostalgia and the house I grew up in.

Homesteading roots.

The woods.

Great opportunities to work at fabulous restaurants even if I wasn't always the best employee.

I can't be tamed.  Well, I can but I can't.

Katie K.  Anna Lloyd.  Daaimah Mubashshir.  Loren G.  Monique W.  Jessica S.  Jill Mc.  Stacey G.  Gabi W.  Rachel B.  Veronica.  These ladies are rocks!  There are more!


The faith that miracles happen in many different capacities.

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