Monday, August 27, 2012

More Gratitude

My niece's widened gaze and smile when I gave her a taste of sassafras ice cream.  I said, "that's how good the woods are, why do you think I'm always out there?"  She says, "You are like Pocahontas or someone." Ok, sure, I'll take that.

That my older niece sadly is moving out after two and a half years with me but her little sister will replace her.  One for the other, it's an equal trade.  I could never have dreamt of anything better than having my sister's daughters with me, even if they can be a pain.  She had them as babies and I have them as young women.  Fair enough.

Mom still takes care of my posion ivy.

My dad still telling me what to and what not to eat from the woods even though the apprentice has surpassed the teacher.

Hunters and their wives.

Nancy McClelland, my accountant, is amazing and so helpful.

Spinach flavored gnocchi.

Daaimah Musbashshir and her gratitude.

One of my best buddies, Kelly Crowley, is coming to town soon.

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