Sunday, October 16, 2011

What The Fall Menu Has Become...

One Sister Fall Menu 2011

Bubble Tea

Apple Pie, Bourbon

Salad Sponge

Homegrown, goat milk, sunflower, honeys


Salmon roe, melon, smoke


Yukon gold potato, white truffle, homemade cheese

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpernickel, lobster, fennel, cashew

Grilled Cheese Soup

Encapsulated, tomato marmalade, garden items

Your Hand

Oyster Centerpiece

Foraged items    

Shrimp Noodle


Oatmeal Dashi  and Chia Seeds

1 Pill Makes You Larger And1 Pill Makes You Small


Potatoes , Mussels,  and Lobster Consomme

Chicken Thigh,  Livers, Truffle and Hay

  Lamb Prosciutto

Sassafrass, cherry, smoke


Cheek, pomegranate, king oyster udon

Dry-Aged Ribeye

Tamarind, sardine, celery root


Honeydew, banana pepper, vanilla salt

Ice Cream Cone

Bacon, Koval Whisky

Chocolate Orbs

Egg yolk, berry, gruyere, quinoa

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