Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rough Draft of Winter Menu

Bubble Tea
Bacon, Waffles, Banana, Maple

Salad Sponge
Goat's milk, sunflower, homegrown

Yukon gold potato, truffle, homemade cheese

Cured Fish Centerpiece and Fresh Cut Sprouts-Literally

Salmon, paddle fish roe, bagels, cream cheese, onion

Pumpkin Patch
Lobster, fennel flavors

Encapsulated Soup
Black truffle, semolina, quail egg

Your Hand

Oyster Centerpiece
Chartreuse, pistachio, herbs, foraged juniper

Shrimp Noodle

Oatmeal Dashi
Chia seeds

1 Pill Makes You Larger, 1 Pill Makes You Small

Scallop Motoyaki
Lychee caviar, perfect potato, lemongrass lobster consomme

Chicken Thigh, Salmon Skin, Truffle Chicken Liver Ragu, Hay Aroma

Hunted Deer Bresaola
Homemade ricotta, items from where the deer roams

Pork In Two
Chinese, Vietnamese

In House Dry-Aged Ribeye
Smoked buttermilk, broccoli, black garlic, tiny fish

Bacon Ice Cream Cone
Koval whiskey, black pepper

Red onion, celery, carrot

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