Saturday, October 1, 2011

5th Ave in Brooklyn

Trees and Stevie Nicks, they are one in the same, mystical and enchanting.  I love trees.  I'll always stop to marvel at gnarly bark, touch a smoothed area or grab a leaf.  I'm often looking up at the leaves...and it's just my nature as a forager identify the leaves and trees because of the bounty that I know comes beneath.  Walking down 5th Avenue today I was excited to see so many Oak trees along the sidewalks.  The Oak trees in Brooklyn are like the Maple trees we have in Chicago.  If Chicago wasn't Chicago it'd probably be a forest of Maples.  Well, I spotted a more mature Oak and sure enough there was a lovely lion's mane in a perfect little crook of the tree, plump as a kitten (which one of my friend's actually remarked about the pic I posted on facebook).  Lion's mane is easy to prepare although it may seem intimidating because of it's toothy characteristics.  These are a few of my fall backs for any mushroom which one can be uncertain about.
1) heat butter, add cleaned mushrooms, cook until liquid evaporated, season with salt and pepper.
2) heat butter, add cleaned mushrooms, cook until liquid evaporates, turn down heat, add more butter, touch of flour and cream...put over can change this up, add red wine in beginning, sherry is always delish.  Salt and pepper to taste.
3) render fat from chopped bacon, add minced onions and cook until translucent, add mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste, turn down heat and mix in sour cream.
Just check your foraged mushrooms for debris and bugs!

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