Thursday, November 24, 2011


This Empress!
Smells are always good for inspiration.  I'm more often than not triggered by my "smemory"...A scent that reels me right back into a childhood memory.  Somehow, there is that dreaming, childlike scense I never want to lose, and I'm always searching for it or trying to recreate it.  My dinners have often been deemed as magical.  I like that!  Recently I received flowers with a note attached that read, "Thank you, sorcress, I'm still in wonderland."  I love that!  
Pictures also trigger me, a thought or emotion from one photo can create an entire dish...
If you wonder what happens in my head, here are some of my latest inspirations for my upcoming winter menu.
This deer skull.

These antlers and color palate.
This fungus!

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