Sunday, November 13, 2011


This December 12th I will be joining forces with Brandon Baltzey and Crux in a pop-up event, which will donate all proceeds to Inspiration Corporation....I'm so pleased to be doing this event for Inspiration.  Last year I had a party for them in December, which was also a success.  
Brandon and I became friends on facebook when I think I saw his profile picture on my friend suggestions and it was of a nice looking dish, so I added him.  He approached me about this dinner about a month ago when he in return was inspired by the pictures of my food.  This past Friday he worked with me in my tiny kitchen and said, "You're like fucking MacGyver in here.  I can't believe you do this alone."  I'm certainly proud of what I do and it is such a compliment for that to be said by another chef who has worked in some of NY's and Chicago's finest kitchens.  
I'm really excited about this dinner and you all should be too.  I hope that many of you will join us.  The details will unleashed tomorrow!

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