Friday, August 5, 2011

17 Courses and Counting!

When I began my Underground Dining my intention was a ten course tasting menu but it never quite made it to ten, it was always a solid twelve.   Then as time went on it grew to 14, 15...And as menu 3 hit I began to get those "staple," "money" dishes that guests raved about like shrimp noodle scampi, the mushroom tea course, and white truffle Yukon gold potato pierogi and I haven't been able to part with them.  The summer menu is currently 17 courses and this month of August there may even be 18 on the occasional lucky night.  I have a new fun plating technique which is in the works and lands right on the guest's hand that I hope to incorporate as one of the first courses when One Sister becomes above ground at Elizabeth Restaurant.  Remember that name, cause that will be her!

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