Saturday, June 4, 2011

Water and Weed!

...That's how my garden grows!  With luck this year I should have three turns out of my square foot gardens.  I've already had half of it turn with all my wonderful baby greens only to plant some more in hopes that I'll get them to shoot up and get some pretty flowers from the arugula.  My radishes were lovely.  In just a small space I have and/or will have nasturtium, raspberries, radish, kale, snap peas, honey dew, zucchini, dill, leaf lettuce, mesculin lettuces, okra, cucumber, shiso, basil, parsley, borage, beets, turnips, strawberries and brussel sprouts.  And that's not to mention all my tiny greens like pea shoots, corn sprouts, sunflower greens, radish, mung, and peanut sprouts.  So don't forget to visit me at the Andersonville market and pick up pierogi because what I don't get to use at my dinners I sometimes have little presents for my regulars.
Some of the weeds I like to leave in my garden are sorrel-pretty heart shaped leaves that have a lovely burst of lemon flavor, these bloom with pods and yellow flowers that are also edible and purslane which has a rubbery greenish-redish quality, again a beautiful bright lemony element to them...

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